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Road & Street Lighting

han Merkaz bring your roadways into the LED age with our fixtures from our partners in USA, Canada and Europe, which can reduce the amount of energy required to light your city, highways and local roads by as much as 70%, while bringing white light benefits for improved safety and comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

Merkaz balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of reliable outdoor fixtures for all weather conditions, while offering a platform for controls and intelligence via our professional smart city solutions.

Smart City Solutions

5The smart city IoT market is awash with pilot applications looking for a business case, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless networks waiting for a critical mass of devices, and vendors hoping for a path to profit. It doesn’t have to be like this.

WithMerkaz’ s solutions there are no network rental charges and the whole city is covered in days. Best of all, it is the city that retains control of the network and its long-term monetization.



The UNB network is ideal for adding additional applications such as parking or asset tracking. Unlike adapting short-range mesh or cellular networks for these applications, our low-cost UNB network means that cities can deploy with a compelling business case from the outset.


  • Fully bi-directional – for full control as well as monitoring.
  • Low cost – a handful of low-cost base stations combined with low-cost devices and no UNB data charges.
  • Uses licence-exempt radio spectrum within European, North American and most other global radio regulations, including the bands protected for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) purposes.
  • Long range – making UNB suitable for urban, suburban and rural deployments, unlike short range mesh or Wi-Fi systems.
  • No reliance on other wireless networks – so will be available long into the future (unlike systems such as GSM).
  • Flexible communications – provides connection to individual units and broadcast to all units.
  • Already in use in high volume applications, including smart lighting, parking and tracking.

IoT Integration

Merkaz via its smart city partner is providing vertically integrated end-to-end solutions trusted by cities across the world. We also open key interfaces to enable partners to provide cities with new applications:

  • Smart City API: enables sensor and application data to be harnessed by a range of smart city data hubs, analytics and visualization platforms.
  • UNB wireless: connecting partner devices to our partner UNB base stations, including those already deployed by the city.
  • Streetlights: connecting sensors directly to streetlight-controlling telecell devices in areas where  PLANet solution has been deployed.


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